Lancashire vs. Yorkshire

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Lancashire 0 lost to Yorkshire 8

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Saturday, December 7th, 1895
J Bruckshaw
The Watersheddings (Oldham)
  Lancashire Yorkshire
  0 8

Match Stats

Halftime Score 0 8

Match Scoresheet

Tries       TH Hughes
        JA Rigg
Goals       B Sharpe (L) (1)


Fullback 1. J Winstanley 1. GE Lorimer
Wing 2. F Barber 2. B Sharpe (L)
Centre 3. S Lees 3. L Brooke
Centre 4. HC Chapman 4. A Boothroyd
Wing 5. J Hurst (O) 5. F Firth
Five-Eighth 6. H Varley 6. R Wood
Halfback 7. A Lees 7. JA Rigg
Front Row 8. W Unsworth 8. M Sutcliffe
Hooker 9. E Bonser 9. F Clegg
Front Row 10. W Nevins 10. Robert Gregg
Second Row 11. J Worthington 11. Jack Riley
Second Row 12. W Briers 12. O Walsh
Lock 13. J Yates 13. L Donkin
Bench 14. T Cleminson 14. TH Hughes
Bench 15. A Hill 15. W Walton

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