Australia vs France 1955 Series

Game 2

Australia 28 lost to France 29

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Saturday, July 2nd, 1955
Kick Off
2:45 PM (local time)
Darcy Lawler
Brisbane Cricket Ground (Brisbane)
  Australia France
  28 29

Match Stats

Halftime Score 15 11
Penalties 9 17

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Harold Crocker (2)   Jacques Merquey (2)
    Graham Laird (2)   Roger Rey (2)
    Henry Holloway   Andre Ducasse
    Ross Kite    
Goals   Brian Davies (3/7)   Gilbert Benausse (6/7)
    Clive Churchill (1/3)   Christian Duple (1/1)
    Keith Holman (1/1)    


Fullback 1. Clive Churchill (c) 1. Jean Dop
Wing 2. Alex Watson 2. Andre Ducasse
Centre 3. Ken McCaffery 3. Roger Rey
Centre 4. Harry Wells 4. Jacques Merquey (c)
Wing 5. Ross Kite 5. Maurice Voron
Five-Eighth 6. Graham Laird 6. Gilbert Benausse
Halfback 7. Keith Holman 7. Claude Teisseire
Front Row 8. Roy Bull 8. Joseph Vanel
Hooker 9. Ken Kearney 9. Jean Audoubert
Front Row 10. Duncan Hall 10. François Montrucolis
Second Row 11. Brian Davies 11. Armand Save
Second Row 12. Henry Holloway 12. Gabriel Berthomieu
Lock 13. Harold Crocker 13. Christian Duple
Coach   Vic Hey   Jean Duhau

Match Notes

Some of the notes on earlier Australia vs. France matches in the "ABC of Rugby League" are fairly suspect. This match lists Duple as a goalkicker for France but doesn't list him in the squad. Team has subsequently been adjusted according to SMH report (SMH 29/06/1955, page 14).
Newspaper reports (SMH, 03/07/1955) suggest that France put on a 13 point blitz in six minutes late in the game to steal the win. Brian Davies of Australia also had a chance to win it for Australia at the death with a penalty from 50 yards out at an angle but he missed it to the left. Clive Churchill missed two fairly simple conversions in the first half.
It also mentions two separate incidents between Jean Dop and Henry Halloway. The "excitable" Dop was reportedly the aggressor both times with alleged kicks to Halloway, who then retaliated. On the second occasion Halloway required medical attention and Darcy Lawler had French coach Duhau come onto the field to explain his warning to Dop. It also suggest that an offer of peace in the form of handshake by Halloway was "angrily waved aside" by Dop.

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