Ron Raper

Coaching Career

Vital Statistics

Thursday, 22nd November, 1945
Current Age
78 years and 16 days

Known Family Links

Aaron Raper
Stuart Raper
John Raper
Maurie Raper
Gerard Raper
Peter Raper


Younger brother of John Raper had a long and successful career with C’bury before going to Queensland. Ron Raper was a clever, robust lock in his own right and played in the 1967 grand final against Souths, landing a mighty field goal. He later went to Queensland to play for Wests in the Brisbane competition and represented the state in two matches against NSW in 1973. Two years later, as captain-coach of Wests, Raper lifted the club from last place in 1974 to premiers

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  • Anonymous

    He went to Qld to play for Redcliffe in 1973 and 1974 and was then signed by Wests as captain coach in 75. Played 3 games for Wests but was injured. Coached Wests to 75 and 76 BRL premierships.

  • Anonymous

    Canterbury player of the year 1967

  • Polyanna

    A good player in his own right ... unfortunate (as was Maurie, Peter & Gerard) to be forever cast in the shadow of their immortal older brother.

  • Anonymous

    Also played for Ryde-Eastwood.

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