About Rugby League Project

The aim of this Rugby League Project is to collect and present full details of every significant game of rugby league ever played. It is compiled on an entirely voluntary, part-time basis by three individuals: Shawn Dollin, Andrew Ferguson and Bill Bates, who love the game and love statistics. It also wouldn't be where it is today without the immense contributions of a number of individuals amongst the rugby league community.

It is also important to note that it is far from finished - hence the word "Project". While we have a number of collective goals on what we hope to achieve, there is no defined finish line. Our plan is to just keep on going! Here is a brief summary of what we've got so far:

  • Comprehensive collection of international results, appearances and scorers
  • A fast growing collection of Australian representative matches, including State of Origin, Interstate Matches, City vs Country etc
  • A full archive of NSWRL/NRL results including scorers, ladders and team squads from 1908, and appearances from 1980 onwards
  • A very fast growing archive of English league and cup results, with full league appearances from 1998 onwards

There is also plenty more information we are working towards adding:

  • Results from Queensland club competitions (BRL + QRL), plus results and competitions from NSW Country RL
  • Full history of European Cup matches
  • NSWRL appearances prior to 1980
  • All English league and cup results, ladders, squads, scorers and appearances from all professional divisions dating back to 1895

Plus there is a whole lot of information out there we haven't even considered yet!


Shawn Dollin

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Once upon a time I had an idea to create a website documenting the results and history of a certain Australian club side, from 1995 onwards. Just one team. So as I commenced researching the info I needed, I quickly realised that I was getting a whole lot of great data for a whole lot of other teams too. So I scrapped the one team idea and decided to make a "little" project out of compiling all these results into a database in my spare time, which pretty much set the tone for the ongoing development of the site - one thing continually leading onto the next.

My contribution to the project to date has been designing and developing the site and database from the ground up, as well as transcoding and inputting lots of data. Once I really got going it became something of an obsession and hasn't waned since. It wouldn't be anywhere near what it has already become without the support of the endless supply of passionate, dedicated rugby league fans around the world who kindly write to us every day (and have in the past been forced to wait months for me to get around to replying!), but not least of all Andrew Ferguson whose outstanding dedication to the cause has continued to provide me with new inspiration and drive to keep going no matter how unlikely the challenges we face might be!

Andrew Ferguson

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I had been involved in a number of different roles providing statistical and historical data on Rugby League to other resources prior to my involvement with RLP. I was working on creating my own in-depth Rugby League book looking at compiling all Rugby League club records in Australia with in-depth details on Finals games, all rep matches (city v country and interstate games) as well as summaries of all tours and test matches played by all international sides. I had made it to season 1939 (I remember it well because of the 33-4 thrashing Balmain dished out to Souths in the final that year) when I opted to look for more information online and came across RLP.

In 2008, I contacted Shawn and informed him that I had plenty of info and would love to help him with the site. Shawn, being a smart man, realised someone was happy to enter in huge chunks of data for the fun of it and agreed to let me help him.

Bill Bates

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Bill is a St Helens man who is also involved with one of our favourite organisations, the Saints Heritage Society. Bill has already provided us with thousands of results to date and is continuing to compile a fantastic archive of English club results (league and cup) for the site. He is no doubt working hard on compiling more for the site as you read this!

Paul Jeffs

Paul is the founder of what has always been the go-to resource for Australian rugby league results, RL Tables. Without his site and immense individual contributions to Rugby League Project, the NSWRL section would be extremely threadbare.

Paul Carter

Paul is easily our most prolific contributor via the comments page. He tirelessly provides us with excellent information thanks to what is no doubt a very impressive archive of rugby league periodicals. He has literally provided us with thousands of corrections and additions, each of which are more valuable than the last.

Derek Farrar

Derek is also an extremely eagle-eyed contributor and has provided us with hundreds of not only additional pieces of information, but also corrections which even the hardiest statisticians (including ourselves!) would miss, particularly related to English internationals.

Ian Golden

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Ian is involved with Wales Rugby League and has done an incredible amount of work to get our Wales archive up to speed. He is not only a great contributor but also a great communicator, and made the arduous task of bringing our info on Wales to where it is today an absolute breeze.

Col Johnston

Col is a passionate devotee of the North Sydney Bears and strong campaigner for the Central Coast Bears, who are seeking admission into the NRL. He is a voluntary club Historian and Archivist for North Sydney.

Greg Fiveash

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I've been passionate Rugby League fan for 40 years and a collector of the Big League programme, I first began collecting Big League in 1975 and religiously pick up a copy every week also collecting various books on Rugby League history through the years. In the early 2000s I decided to starting accumulating as many NSWRL programmes as I could and this has led to collecting huge amounts of data on Rugby League mainly the NSWRL. I have built up my programme collection to include every Rugby League News & Big League programme since 1925 so I'm still after anything prior to that including the match day card programmes and Rugby League News that started in 1920.

I first came across Rugby League Project in mid-2009 when Andrew contacted me about providing details of NSW v Qld matches that they were working on at the time I gave him all the info I could which mainly came from early EE Christensen Yearbooks. I had at that just time started compiling info to list all the teams for each NSWRL matched played, I now have all that info at hand and offered to help the guys out.