Super League VII 2002

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Round 2

Castleford Tigers 24 lost to Widnes Vikings 31

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Sunday, March 10th, 2002
Karl Kirkpatrick
Wheldon Road (Castleford)
  Castleford Tigers Widnes Vikings
  24 31

Match Stats

Halftime Score    

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Wayne Bartrim   Jason Demetriou
    Danny Orr   Barry Eaton
    Kyle Warren   Chris Percival
    Jon Wells   Stuart Spruce
        Craig Weston
Goals   Wayne Bartrim (4)   Barry Eaton (5)
Field Goals       Barry Eaton


Fullback 1. Richard Gay 1. Stuart Spruce
Wing 2. Jon Wells 2. Damian Munro
Centre 14. Andy Johnson 4. Jason Demetriou
Centre 3. Michael Eagar 5. Adam Hughes
Wing 5. Darren Rogers 3. Chris Percival
Five-Eighth 6. Danny Orr 20. Craig Weston
Halfback 7. Mitch Healey 7. Barry Eaton
Front Row 8. Nathan Sykes 8. Robert Relf
Hooker 9. Wayne Bartrim 9. Phil Cantillon
Front Row 17. Andy Lynch 12. Troy Stone
Second Row 23. Michael Smith 22. Steve McCurrie
Second Row 15. Kyle Warren 17. Anthony Farrell
Lock 11. Lee Harland 13. Daniel Frame
Bench 22. Mark Lennon 14. Paul Atcheson
Bench 13. Ryan Hudson 11. Sean Richardson
Bench 10. Dean Sampson 19. David Mills
Bench     10. Julian O'Neill
Coach   Graham Steadman   Neil Kelly

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