Super League VI 2001

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Round 2

Halifax Blue Sox 16 def. London Broncos 11

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Sunday, March 18th, 2001
Steve Ganson
The Shay (Halifax)
  Halifax Blue Sox London Broncos
  16 11

Match Stats

Halftime Score    

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Oliver Marns   Shane Millard
    Gary Mercer   Dennis Moran
Goals   Jamie Bloem (4)   Brett Warton (1)
Field Goals       Dennis Moran


Fullback 1. Darryl Cardiss 23. Richie Barnett
Wing 19. Oliver Marns 2. Nigel Roy
Centre 3. Damian Gibson 4. Greg Fleming
Centre 4. Adam Hughes 3. Tony Martin
Wing 2. Jamie Bloem 28. Marvin Golden
Five-Eighth 6. Andrew Dunemann 27. Michael Gillett
Halfback 7. Gavin Clinch 7. Dennis Moran
Front Row 23. Brett Goldspink 10. Scott Cram
Hooker 9. Johnny Lawless 9. Jason Hetherington
Front Row 10. Jim Gannon 18. Justin Dooley
Second Row -. Gary Mercer 11. Shane Millard
Second Row 12. Shayne McMenemy 12. Steele Retchless
Lock -. Martin Moana 13. Mat Toshack
Bench 16. Jamie Thackray 8. Tony Mestrov
Bench 14. Danny Tickle 15. Andy Johnson
Bench 15. Paul Davidson 5. Brett Warton
Bench 8. Andy Hobson 22. Yusef Sozi
Coach   Steve Linnane   Tony Rea

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