John Daly

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Career Stats & Summary

Started out playing rugby for the Cobh Pirates in Ireland and later represented his country. He moved to league and played for Huddersfield and Featherstone Rovers, as well as playing in a Challenge Cup final.

According to former teammate Des O'Brien, Daly was in the British Army and marched across North Africa. During this campaign he developed his upper body strength, and on returning to rugby, would perform a double somersault when he ran onto the field. Before internationals, he would do double back-somersaults to confirm his fitness.

Daly served with the London Irish Rifles and was involved in the siege at Monte Cassino in Italy.

Vital Statistics

Full Name
John Christopher Daly
Wednesday, 12th December, 1917
Monday, 10th October, 1988 (Aged 70 years and 302 days)
Place Of Birth
Cobh, Cork, Ireland

Career Statistics

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International Matches - By Team

Team Years App T G   GK % FG Pts W L D Win %  
British Empire 1949 1 - -   - - 0 1 0 0.00% Match list
Other 1950-53 7 1 -   - 3 4 3 0 57.14% Match list
Overall 1949-1953 8 1 0   0 3 4 4 0 50.00% Match list

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