Jack Austin

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Career Stats & Summary

Career Statistics

All statistics shown in this section are based only on data available in the RLP database, and are not necessarily a complete and/or 100% accurate representation of a player's career. This information should be used as a guide only. If you see a question mark (?), it denotes that the figure is not available.

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Your Say

Anonymous says: jack austin was as tuff as thay come i got to know jack very well at the time he was still playing for dewsbury and he was coaching us at the bramley band club 1982\83 as jack was a winger i llearnt a lot from him at the time i was the fastest winger in amature game in 1982\83 he showed me all the trick ov the trade it was how he workt he would never ask u to do something if he could not do it him self and if u are thinking ov a coaching course you need to talk to some one like jack austin coz he is the man rugby league some one back like him all the best jack from all the lads at the bramley band club 1983\84 (25/05/2012)

Michael Stuart says: I remember Jack as a strong left wing for Bramley. Tough player and good finisher. He left Bramley to play at Bradford Northern (08/06/2012)

Anonymous says: My name is paul hill and I use to play amateur rugby for Bramley band club in early eighties and was coached by the man him self I.e jack Austin and as a winger I learnt a lot more from him and it was a pleasure to have known him all the best to the best in more ways than one p.hill (30/12/2013)

Bramley mad says: Could anyone tell me if Jack is alive and wrll (24/08/2018)

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