Australia vs. France

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Australia 20 def. France 2

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Monday, June 10th, 1968
John Percival
Sydney Cricket Ground (Sydney)
    Australia   France
    20   2

Match Stats

Halftime Score   7    

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Lionel WILLIAMSON (2)    
    Ron COOTE    
    Johnny GREAVES    
Goals   Eric SIMMS (4)   Jean-Pierre CAPDOUZE (1)


Fullback 1. Eric SIMMS 1. Jean Claude CROS
Wing 2. Johnny RHODES 2. Daniel PELLERIN
Centre 3. Graeme LANGLANDS 3. Raymond GRUPPI
Centre 4. Johnny GREAVES 4. Jean Pierre LECOMPTE
Wing 5. Lionel WILLIAMSON 5. Jean LEDRU
Five-Eighth 6. Bob FULTON 6. Jean-Pierre CAPDOUZE
Halfback 7. Billy SMITH 7. Roger GARRIGUES
Front Row 8. John WITTENBERG 8. Christian SABATIE
Hooker 9. Fred JONES 9. Yves BEGOU
Front Row 10. Arthur BEETSON 10. Georges AILLERES (c)
Second Row 11. Richard THORNETT 11. Francis DE NADAI
Second Row 12. Ron COOTE 12. Henri MARRACQ
Lock 13. John RAPER (c) 13. Jean Pierre CLAR
Coach   Harry BATH   Jean-Pierre LACOSTE

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