England vs. New Zealand

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England 27 def. New Zealand 12

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Saturday, October 25th, 1975
Kick Off
3:00 PM (local time)
Andre Lacaze
Odsal (Bradford)
Official Man of the Match
Steve Norton
  England New Zealand
  27 12

Match Stats

Halftime Score 10 2

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Ken Gill (3)   Tony Gordon
    Ged Dunn   John Smith
    Eric Hughes    
    Steve Norton    
    Stuart Wright    
Goals   George Fairbairn (3)   Warren Collicoat (2)
        Tony Gordon (1)


Fullback 1. George Fairbairn 1. Warren Collicoat
Wing 2. Stuart Wright 2. Phil Orchard
Centre 3. Eric Hughes 3. John Smith
Centre 4. John Holmes 4. Dennis Williams
Wing 5. Ged Dunn 5. Bruce Dickison
Five-Eighth 6. Ken Gill 6. Robert Jarvis
Halfback 7. Roger Millward (c) 7. Ken Stirling (c)
Front Row 8. Brian Hogan 8. Lyndsay Proctor
Hooker 9. John Bridges 9. Tom Conroy
Front Row 10. Colin Forsyth 10. John Greengrass
Second Row 11. Jeff Grayshon 11. Ray Baxendale
Second Row 12. Mick Adams 12. Tony Coll
Lock 13. Steve Norton 13. Murray Eade
Bench 14. George Nicholls 14. Tony Gordon
Bench 15. Les Dyl 15. Peter Gurnick
Coach   Alex Murphy   George Menzies

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