Wales vs. England

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Wales 16 lost to England 22

Match URL
Saturday, September 20th, 1975
Kick Off
3:00 PM (local time)
Marcel Caillol
Wilderspool (Warrington)
  Wales England
  16 22

Match Stats

Halftime Score 9 14

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Peter Banner   Keith Fielding
    Kel Coslett   John Holmes
        Eric Hughes
Goals   David Watkins (5)   George Fairbairn (6)
Field Goals       John Bridges


Fullback 1. Bill Francis 1. George Fairbairn
Wing 2. Clive Sullivan 2. Keith Fielding
Centre 3. David Watkins (c) 3. Eric Hughes
Centre 4. Frank Wilson 4. John Holmes
Wing 5. John Bevan 5. John Atkinson
Five-Eighth 6. David Treasure 6. Ken Gill
Halfback 7. Peter Banner 7. Roger Millward (c)
Front Row 8. John Mantle 8. Brian Hogan
Hooker 9. Tony Fisher 9. John Bridges
Front Row 10. Mel James 10. Colin Forsyth
Second Row 11. Eddie Cunningham 11. Jeff Grayshon
Second Row 12. Brian Gregory 12. Bob Irving
Lock 13. Kel Coslett 13. Steve Norton
Bench 14. Peter Rowe 14. David Eckersley
Bench 15. Glyn Turner 15. George Nicholls
Coach   Les Pearce   Alex Murphy

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