France vs Australia 1938 Series

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Game 1

France 6 lost to Australia 35

Match URL
Sunday, January 2nd, 1938
Albert Dobson
Stade Buffalo (Paris)
  France Australia
  6 35

Match Stats

Halftime Score 0 8

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Andre Cussac   Les Dawson (2)
    Henri Durand   Fred Gilbert (2)
        Jack Beaton
        Herb Narvo
        Andy Norval
        Wally Prigg
        Jack Reardon
Goals       Jack Beaton (4)


Fullback 1. Eugene Chaud 1. Laurie Ward
Wing 2. Andre Cussac 2. Les Dawson
Centre 3. Emile Bosch 3. Ross McKinnon
Centre 4. Francois Nogueres 4. Jack Beaton
Wing 5. Charles Lamarque 5. Andy Norval
Five-Eighth 6. Max Rousié (c) 6. Jack Reardon
Halfback 7. Sylvain Bes 7. Fred Gilbert
Front Row 8. Justin Davant 8. Frank Curran
Hooker 9. Andre Rousse 9. Henry Pierce
Front Row 10. Joseph Griffard 10. Les Heidke
Second Row 11. Charles Petit 11. Herb Narvo
Second Row 12. Henri Durand 12. Eric Lewis
Lock 13. Elysee Domercq 13. Wally Prigg (c)

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