Challenge Cup 2010

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Swinton Lions 6 lost to Batley Bulldogs 58

Match URL
Wednesday, May 19th, 2010
Kick Off
7:00 PM (local time)
Robert Hicks
Park Lane (Bury)
  Swinton Lions Batley Bulldogs
  6 58

Match Stats

Halftime Score 6 30
Penalties 4 12

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Philip Joseph   Johnny Campbell (2)
        Lee Greenwood (2)
        John Gallagher
        Sean Hesketh
        James Martin
        Danny Maun
        Gareth Moore
        Craig Potter
        David Tootill
Goals   Graham Holroyd (1/1)   Gareth Moore (7/11)


Fullback 1. Richie Hawkyard 5. Johnny Campbell
Wing 25. Barry Hamilton 3. Mark Barlow
Centre 11. Tommy Grundy 12. Mark Toohey
Centre 27. Anthony Stewart 4. Danny Maun
Wing 5. Dave Hull 2. Lee Greenwood
Five-Eighth 6. Graham Holroyd 6. Paul Handforth
Halfback 29. Mike Govin 7. Gareth Moore
Front Row 26. Dave Newton 8. Byron Smith
Hooker 7. Ian Watson 9. Kris Lythe
Front Row 18. Bruce Johnson 10. Sean Hesketh
Second Row 15. Lee Wingfield 26. Jason Walton
Second Row 17. Andrew Isherwood 31. John Gallagher
Lock 9. Philip Joseph 11. Tommy Gallagher
Bench 23. Rob Foxen 23. Chris Buttery
Bench 12. Paul Smith 17. Craig Potter
Bench 20. Chris Hull 21. James Martin
Bench 19. Neil Rigby 20. David Tootill
Coach       Karl Harrison

Match Notes

Swinton went through to round 5 despite losing to Halifax in round 4, after Halifax were disqualified for fielding an ineligible player (Michael Ostick. who played for Rochdale in Round 3). This game was originally scheduled for the 9th of May between Halifax and Batley before the RFL discovered the discrepancy at the last moment.

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