Challenge Cup 2004

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Rochdale Hornets 0 lost to Warrington Wolves 80

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Tuesday, March 2nd, 2004
Ben Thaler
Halliwell Jones Stadium (Warrington)
  Rochdale Hornets Warrington Wolves
  0 80

Match Stats

Halftime Score    

Match Scoresheet

Tries       Graham Appo (2)
        Ben Westwood (2)
        John Wilshere (2)
        Paul Wood (2)
        Darryl Cardiss
        Dean Gaskell
        Brent Grose
        Jérôme Guisset
        Gary Hulse
        Paul Noone
        Ian Sibbit
        Nathan Wood
Goals       John Wilshere (5)
        Graham Appo (3)


Fullback 1. Michael Platt 1. Darryl Cardiss
Wing 2. Liam Williams 2. John Wilshere
Centre 3. Paul Anderson 3. Brent Grose
Centre 4. Daniel Yates 4. Ben Westwood
Wing 5. Chris Campbell 5. Dean Gaskell
Five-Eighth 6. John Braddish 6. Graham Appo
Halfback 7. Lee Birdseye 7. Nathan Wood
Front Row 8. Andy Leathem 8. Chris Leikvoll
Hooker 9. Darren Shaw 9. Mark Gleeson
Front Row 10. Lee Hansen 10. Danny Lima
Second Row 11. Chris Ratcliffe 11. Paul Wood
Second Row 12. Rob Ball 12. Mike Wainwright
Lock 13. Andy Gorski 13. Paul Noone
Bench 14. Sam Butterworth 14. Gary Hulse
Bench 15. Tony Kirwan 15. Ian Sibbit
Bench 16. Andy Grundy 16. Jérôme Guisset
Bench 17. Mark Costello 17. Warren Stevens

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