Challenge Cup 2004

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Huddersfield Giants 50 def. Pia Donkeys 16

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Sunday, February 29th, 2004
Robert Connolly
Alfred McAlpine Stadium (Huddersfield)
  Huddersfield Giants Pia Donkeys
  50 16

Match Stats

Halftime Score    

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Ben Roarty (2)   Sébastien Terrado (2)
    Marcus St Hilaire (2)   Nicolas Athiel
    Ben Cooper    
    Stuart Donlan    
    Stanley Gene    
    Stuart Jones    
    Paul March    
    Paul Reilly    
Goals   Brandon Costin (3)   Sébastien Terrado (2)
    Paul March (2)    


Fullback 1. Paul Reilly 1. Craig West
Wing 2. Hefin O'Hare 2. Nicolas Athiel
Centre 3. Stuart Donlan 3. Lawrence Raleigh
Centre 4. Julian Bailey 4. Florian Chaubet
Wing 5. Marcus St Hilaire 5. Sébastien Terrado
Five-Eighth 6. Stanley Gene 6. Tom O'Reilly
Halfback 7. Paul March 7. Maxime Grésèque
Front Row 8. Darren Fleary 8. Karl Jaavuo
Hooker 9. Darren Turner 9. Franck Traversa
Front Row 10. Mick Slicker 10. Tabua Cakacaka
Second Row 11. Chris Nero 11. Mattieu Ambert
Second Row 12. Stuart Jones 12. Emmanuel Bansept
Lock 13. Brandon Costin 13. Jim Sedaris
Bench 14. Ben Cooper 14. Craig Field
Bench 15. Sean Penkywicz 15. Michael Cousseau
Bench 16. Ben Roarty 16. Franck Lagrange
Bench 17. Eorl Crabtree 17. Franck Rovira

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Contributions: Bill Bates


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