Challenge Cup 2004

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Castleford Tigers 32 def. Union Treiziste Catalane 20

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Saturday, February 28th, 2004
Ashley Klein
Wheldon Road (Castleford)
  Castleford Tigers Union Treiziste Catalane
  32 20

Match Stats

Halftime Score    

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Jamie Thackray (2)   Aurélien Cologni
    Damian Gibson   Jamal Fakir
    Wayne Godwin   Steve Hall
    Waine Pryce   Phil Howlett
    Sean Rudder    
Goals   Wayne Godwin (3)   Laurent Frayssinous (2)
    Jon Hepworth (1)    


Fullback 1. Tommy Saxton 1. Craig Horne
Wing 2. Damian Gibson 2. Matthew HIll
Centre 3. Ryan Clayton 3. Phil Howlett
Centre 4. Darren Rogers 4. Steve Hall
Wing 5. Waine Pryce 5. Bruno Verges
Five-Eighth 6. Sean Rudder 6. Laurent Frayssinous
Halfback 7. Ryan Sheridan 7. Julien Rinaldi
Front Row 8. Craig Greenhill 8. Russell Bawden
Hooker 9. Wayne Godwin 9. David Berthezene
Front Row 10. Nathan Sykes 10. Ade Felious
Second Row 11. Lee Harland 11. Pascal Jampy
Second Row 12. Sean Ryan 12. Jamal Fakir
Lock 13. Ryan Hudson 13. Aurélien Cologni
Bench 14. Jon Hepworth 14. Sébastien Martins
Bench 15. Paul Jackson 15. Lionel Teixido
Bench 16. Michael Smith 16. Grégory Mounis
Bench 17. Jamie Thackray 17. Thomas Bosc

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