Challenge Cup 2000

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London Broncos 44 def. Wath Brow Hornets 18

Match URL
Sunday, February 13th, 2000
Richard Silverwood
The Valley (London)
  London Broncos Wath Brow Hornets
  44 18

Match Stats

Halftime Score 30 8
Penalties 7 8

Match Scoresheet

Sin Bin (10min)   Danny Moore    
Tries   Dean Callaway   Gary Elliott
    Shaun Edwards   Andrew Hocking
    Karle Hammond    
    Danny Moore    
    Steele Retchless    
    Tulsen Tollett    
    Mat Toshack    
    Andrew Wynyard    
Goals   Tulsen Tollett (4)   Marc Jackson (5)
    Brett Warton (2)    


Fullback 1. Brett Warton 1. Gary Elliott
Wing 2. Frank Napoli 2. David Charlton
Centre 3. Danny Moore 3. Ian Rooney (c)
Centre 4. John Timu 4. Andrew Stables
Wing 5. Mat Toshack 5. Lee Power
Five-Eighth 6. Karle Hammond (c) 6. Craig Johnstone
Halfback 7. Shaun Edwards 7. Andrew Hocking
Front Row 8. Scott Cram 8. Neil Gregg
Hooker 9. Dean Callaway 9. Marc Jackson
Front Row 10. Anthony Seibold 10. Paul Davidson
Second Row 11. Steele Retchless 11. Paul McCarron
Second Row 12. Andrew Wynyard 11. Neil Stewart
Lock 13. Shane Millard 12. Scott Anderson
Bench 14. Justin Dooley 14. Gavin Curwen
Bench 15. Andy Johnson 15. Michael McAllister
Bench 16. Tulsen Tollett 16. Mark Troughton
Bench 17. Darren Bradstreet    

Match Notes

Neil McCartney (Wath Brow) was on the bench but did not play.

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Contributions: Bill Bates


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