Challenge Cup 1998

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Lancashire Lynx 28 drew with Dewsbury Rams 28

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Sunday, February 15th, 1998
Peter Taberner
Deepdale (Preston)
  Lancashire Lynx Dewsbury Rams
  28 28

Match Stats

Halftime Score    

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Steve Gee (2)   Alan Boothroyd
    Darren Abram   Matt Bramald
    Neil Parsley   Adrian Flynn
    Steve Taylor   Mark Haigh
Goals   Neil Allday (3)   Barry Eaton (6)
    Andy Ruane (1)    


Fullback 1. Neil Allday 1. Matt Bramald
Wing 2. Neil Parsley 2. Craig Moore
Centre 3. Milton Finney 3. Adrian Flynn
Centre 4. Darren Abram 4. Damian Ball
Wing 5. Rob McLoughlin 5. Leon Williamson
Five-Eighth 6. Phil Jones 6. Barry Eaton
Halfback 7. Chris Kelly 7. Jason Firth
Front Row 8. Steve Taylor 8. Alan Boothroyd
Hooker 9. Andy Ruane 9. Simon Roache
Front Row 10. Jason Pekepo 10. Gary Rose
Second Row 11. Steve Gee 11. Matthew Long
Second Row 12. Carl Briscoe 12. Shayne Williams
Lock 13. PJ Solomon 13. Mark Haigh
Bench 14. Steve Byrne 14. Andrew Brent
Bench 15. Neil Mawdsley 15. Paul Evans
Bench 16. Paul Norton 16. Danny McKelvie
Bench 17. John Donno 17. Neil Kelly

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