Second Division 2015

Bradford Bulls

James Lowes
Adrian Purtell
Biggest home crowd
6,881 (vs. Widnes in round 4)
Average home crowd
Top pointscorer
Danny Addy (56)
Top tryscorers
Adrian Purtell, Danny Williams (7)


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Date Day Competition   Opposition   Score Coach(es) Captain(s) Venue Crowd Rank  
Feb 15th Sun Round 1 A Leigh L 24-36     Leigh Sports   8th View
Feb 22nd Sun Round 2 H Whitehaven W 34-4     Odsal   5th View
Mar 1st Sun Round 3 A Featherstone W 40-4     Big Fellas   2nd View
Mar 8th Sun Round 4 H Hunslet W 56-6     Odsal   2nd View
Mar 15th Sun Round 5 A Batley W 26-19     Fox's Biscuits   2nd View
Mar 22nd Sun 3:00pm CC (4) H Workington Town W 74-6     Odsal 2,412 View
Mar 29th Sun Round 6 H Workington Town W 36-6     Odsal   2nd View
Apr 3rd Fri Round 7 H Halifax W 32-19     Odsal   2nd View
Apr 6th Mon Round 8 A Dewsbury W 30-16     Tetley's   2nd View
Apr 12th Sun Round 9 H London W 28-2     Odsal   2nd View
Apr 19th Sun 3:00pm CC (5) H Hull KR L 30-50     Odsal 4,538 View
Apr 26th Sun Round 10 A Doncaster W 56-38     Keepmoat   2nd View
May 3rd Sun Round 11 H Sheffield W 46-12     Odsal   2nd View
May 10th Sun Round 12 A Whitehaven W 32-16     Recreation Gnd   2nd View
May 23rd Sat Round 14 H Halifax W 18-4     Odsal   2nd View
May 31st Sun Round 15 A London W 36-18     Hive Stadium   2nd View
Jun 7th Sun Round 16 H Doncaster W 72-6     Odsal   2nd View
Jun 14th Sun Round 17 H Dewsbury W 22-18     Odsal   2nd View
Jun 21st Sun Round 18 A Workington Town W 38-16     Derwent Park   2nd View
Jun 28th Sun Round 19 H Batley W 34-16     Odsal   1st View
Jul 1st Wed Round 13 H Featherstone L 18-37     Odsal   1st View
Jul 5th Sun Round 20 A Hunslet W 68-6     John Charles   1st View
Jul 12th Sun Round 21 A Sheffield L 30-32     Keepmoat   2nd View
Jul 19th Sun Round 22 H Leigh D 36-36     Odsal   2nd View
Jul 26th Sun Round 23 A Halifax L 16-20     The Shay   2nd View
Aug 9th Sun 3:00pm S8-Q (1) H Sheffield W 42-10 J Lowes A Purtell Odsal 6,032 View
Aug 15th Sat 3:00pm S8-Q (2) A Wakefield Trinity L 18-48 J Lowes A Purtell Rapid Solicitors 3,985 View
Aug 23rd Sun 3:00pm S8-Q (3) H Salford W 41-10 J Lowes A Purtell Odsal 6,593 View
Sep 6th Sun 3:00pm S8-Q (4) H Widnes L 12-56 J Lowes A Purtell Odsal 6,881 View
Sep 12th Sat 3:00pm S8-Q (5) A Hull KR L 4-48 J Lowes A Purtell KC Lightstream 6,605 View
Sep 19th Sat 3:00pm S8-Q (6) A Leigh W 32-16 J Lowes A Purtell Leigh Sports 4,621 View
Sep 26th Sat 3:00pm S8-Q (7) H Halifax L 18-52 J Lowes   Odsal 5,163 View
Oct 3rd Sat 2:50pm S8-Q (MP) A Wakefield Trinity L 16-24 J Lowes A Purtell Rapid Solicitors 7,236 View

33 games
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No ↓ Player Rep Age League Games Cups/Other Totals
App Int Tot T G FG Pts B S App Int Tot T G FG Pts B S App Int Tot T G FG Pts B S  
  0 players 0 cur. / 0 tot.   23 games 0 0 0 0 0 0 10 games 0 0 0 0 0 0 33 games 0 0 0 0 0 0  

Legend: H = Home, A = Away, N = Neutral; W = Win, L = Loss, D = Draw, Rep = Representative Status, App = Starting Appearances, Int = Interchange Appearances.