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Round 8

St George Dragons 45 def. University 2

Match URL
Saturday, June 24th, 1922
Kick Off
3:15 PM (local time)
Frank Delaney
Hurstville Oval (Sydney)
  St George Dragons University
  45 2

Match Stats

Halftime Score 22 2

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Tommy Burns (2)    
    R Jackson (2)    
    Ernie Lapham (2)    
    Clarrie Tye (2)    
    George Carstairs    
    Des Mullarkey    
    Arnold Traynor    
Goals   Reg Fusedale (4)   Wal Murphy (1)
    Des Mullarkey (1)    
    Arnold Traynor (1)    


Fullback 1. Harold King 1. C Massey
Wing 2. Reg Fusedale 2. Bob Terry
Centre 3. George Carstairs 3. J Delamotte
Centre 4. Des Mullarkey 4. M Keogh
Wing 5. Lew Heuschkel 5. Tom Barry
Five-Eighth 6. Arnold Traynor 6. Maurice Unwin
Halfback 7. Tommy Burns 7. Wal Murphy
Lock 13. Harry Flower 8. Noel Sligar (c)
Second Row 12. Ernie Lapham 9. William Fennell
Second Row 11. Jim Morris 10. Vince Byrne
Front Row 10. Clarrie Tye (c) 11. F Lyons
Hooker 9. Arthur Gore 12. L Henry
Front Row 8. R Jackson 8. Paul Hyndes
Coach   Herb Gilbert    

Note: Forward packs are listed in reverse order.

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