NRL 2020

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Round 2

Brisbane Broncos 22 def. South Sydney Rabbitohs 18

Match URL
Friday, March 20th, 2020
Kick Off
8:05 PM (local time)
Grant Atkins, Peter Gough
Lang Park (Brisbane)
  Brisbane Broncos South Sydney Rabbitohs
  22 18

Match Stats

Halftime Score 10 12

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Kotoni Staggs (3)   Campbell Graham
    Anthony Milford   Alex Johnston
        Cody Walker
Goals   Jamayne Isaako (3/5)   Adam Reynolds (3/4)


Fullback 1. Jamayne Isaako 1. Latrell Mitchell
Wing 2. Corey Oates 2. Dane Gagai
Centre 3. Kotoni Staggs 3. James Roberts
Centre 4. Darius Boyd 4. Braidon Burns
Wing 5. Jesse Arthars 5. Campbell Graham
Five-Eighth 6. Anthony Milford 6. Cody Walker
Halfback 7. Brodie Croft (c) 7. Adam Reynolds (c)
Front Row 8. Thomas Flegler 8. Tevita Tatola
Hooker 9. Jake Turpin 9. Damien Cook
Front Row 10. Payne Haas 10. Thomas Burgess
Second Row 11. David Fifita 11. Jaydn Su'a
Second Row 12. Jamil Hopoate 12. Cameron Murray
Lock 13. Patrick Carrigan 13. Liam Knight
Bench 14. Herbie Farnworth 14. Mark Nicholls
Bench 15. Andrew McCullough 15. Ethan Lowe
Bench 16. Rhys Kennedy 16. Hame Sele
Bench 17. Ethan Bullemor 17. Alex Johnston
Coach   Anthony Seibold   Wayne Bennett

Match Notes

This game was played in an empty stadium due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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