NRL 2020

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Prelim Final

Penrith Panthers 20 def. South Sydney Rabbitohs 16

Match URL
Saturday, October 17th, 2020
Kick Off
7:50 PM (local time)
Gerard Sutton
Stadium Australia (Sydney)
  Penrith Panthers South Sydney Rabbitohs
  20 16

Match Stats

Halftime Score 14 6

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Dylan Edwards   Corey Allan
    Tyrone May   Dane Gagai
    Brian To'o   Alex Johnston
Goals   Nathan Cleary (4/4)   Adam Reynolds (2/4)


Fullback 1. Dylan Edwards 1. Corey Allan
Wing 2. Josh Mansour 2. Alex Johnston
Centre 14. Tyrone May 12. Bayley Sironen
Centre 4. Stephen Crichton 4. Dane Gagai
Wing 5. Brian To'o 5. Jaxson Paulo
Five-Eighth 6. Jarome Luai 6. Cody Walker
Halfback 7. Nathan Cleary 7. Adam Reynolds (c)
Front Row 8. James Tamou (c) 8. Tevita Tatola
Hooker 9. Apisai Koroisau 9. Damien Cook
Front Row 10. James Fisher-Harris 10. Thomas Burgess
Second Row 11. Kurt Capewell 11. Jaydn Su'a
Second Row 12. Liam Martin 13. Cameron Murray
Lock 13. Isaah Yeo 15. Liam Knight
Bench 16. Moses Leota 14. Mark Nicholls
Bench 17. Zane Tetevano 16. Jed Cartwright
Bench 18. Mitch Kenny 17. Keaon Koloamatangi
Bench     19. Hame Sele
Coach   Ivan Cleary   Wayne Bennett

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