Emerging Nations World Cup 2000

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Round 1

United States of America 52 def. Canada 10

Match URL
Monday, November 13th, 2000
Kick Off
7:30 PM (local time)
Nick Oddy
Court Place Farm (Oxford)
  United States of America Canada
  52 10

Match Stats

Halftime Score    

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Alf Duncan (2)   Ross van der Hoek
    Brian Warren (2)   Korb Whale
    Rob Balachandran    
    Loren Broussard    
    Tony Fabri    
    David Niu    
    Cory Sheridan    
    Marcus Vassilakopoulos    
Goals   Alf Duncan (6)   Kevin Desnayer (1)


Fullback 1. Brian Warren 1. Steve Weiler
Wing 2. Loren Broussard 2. Kit Warren
Centre 3. Rob Balachandran 3. Phil Coussons
Centre 4. Alf Duncan 4. Mark Simon
Wing 5. Chris Craig 5. Steve Keith
Five-Eighth 6. Marcus Vassilakopoulos 6. Jason Demetriou
Halfback 7. David Niu (c) 7. Ross van der Hoek
Front Row 8. Ed Woodridge 8. Korb Whale
Hooker 9. Steele Retchless 9. Andrew Bradley
Front Row 10. Tim Griffiths 10. Dave Knowles
Second Row 11. Esene Faimalo 11. Mike Brown
Second Row 12. Steve Watene 12. Rob Verelli
Lock 13. Jeff Preston 13. Greg Swinford
Bench 14. Tony Fabri 14. Dan Gauthier
Bench 15. Daryl Howland 15. Dave McKenzie
Bench 16. Cory Sheridan 16. Kevin Desnayer
Bench 17. Erik Hollingsworth 17. Andy Mina

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