Brisbane Rugby League 1987

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Round 5

Wynnum-Manly 39 def. Western Subs. Brisbane 8

Match URL
Sunday, May 24th, 1987
Geoff Mines
Kougari Oval (Brisbane)
  Wynnum-Manly Western Subs. Brisbane
  39 8

Match Stats

Halftime Score 12 6
Scrums 9 7
Penalties 5 10

Match Scoresheet

Tries   John Alroe   Michael Anderson
    Peter Dawes    
    Mick Hickey    
    Tony Jemmott    
    Brian Naylor    
    Brad Samuelson    
Goals   Steve Hazel (7)   William Fisher (2)
Field Goals   Steve Hazel    


Fullback 1. Brad Morgan 1. Wayne Reis
Wing 2. Scott Lewis 2. Michael Anderson
Centre 3. Brian Naylor 3. William Fisher
Centre 4. Neil Tierney 4. Brad MacDonald
Wing 5. Steve Hazel 5. Scott Treichel
Five-Eighth 6. Brad Samuelson 6. Tony Funge
Halfback 7. Peter Dawes 7. Kevin Langer
Lock 8. John Alroe 13. Ron Harch
Second Row 12. Tony Jemmott 9. Barry Ryan
Second Row 11. Mick Hickey 10. Paul Schuller
Front Row 10. Darryl Jenner 11. Paul Hodder
Hooker 12. Darren Petrie 12. Dan Keyes
Front Row 13. John Turner 13. Clinton Storey
Bench 14. M O'Reilly 14. Graham Strutton
Bench 15. D Whipps 15. Rob Baker
Coach   David Green   Peter Foreman

Note: Forward packs are listed in reverse order.

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