Brisbane Rugby League 1987

Round 3


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View  Redcliffe 38 (G. Barwick, J. Doyle, T. Evans, S. Howard, L. Neal, J. Sandy tries; T. Benson 7 goals) defeated Brisbane Easts 10 (B. Strachan, M. Taylor tries; I. Stains goal) at Langlands Park.
Date: Sun, 15th March.   Halftime: Redcliffe 14-0.   Scrums: Redcliffe 7-6.   Penalties: Brisbane Easts 12-11.   Referee: Eddie Ward.   
View  Ipswich 16 (B. Johnstone, G. Payne, J. Simpson tries; C. Lindenberg 2 goals) defeated Seagulls-Diehards 10 (D. Bourke, S. Boys tries; H. Jansen goal) at North Ipswich Reserve.
Date: Sun, 15th March.   Halftime: Seagulls-Diehards 6-2.   Scrums: Ipswich 8-5.   Penalties: Ipswich 13-12.   Referee: Geoff Mines.   
View  Brisbane Norths 20 (G. Harvey 2, M. Booth tries; G. Harvey 4 goals) defeated Brisbane Wests 6 (W. Reis try; R. Watkins goal) at Albert Bishop Park.
Date: Sun, 15th March.   Halftime: Brisbane Norths 6-0.   Scrums: Brisbane Wests 14-13.   Penalties: Brisbane Norths 9-7.   Referee: Eric Hunt.   
View  Wynnum-Manly 20 (S. Lewis, W. Lewis, S. Nicholls tries; P. Sinclair 4 goals) defeated Brisbane Souths 6 (C. Teitzel try; G. French goal) at Davies Park (AUS).
Date: Sun, 15th March.   Halftime: Wynnum-Manly 8-0.   Scrums: Brisbane Souths 15-11.   Penalties: Brisbane Souths 12-11.   Referee: Ian Irwin.