Leo Dynevor

Referee Career

Vital Statistics

Wednesday, 13th February, 1974
Current Age
49 years and 227 days

Referee Career Statistics

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Your Say

Felicity Atkinson says: This is my uncle. We are all so proud of the man Leo is today. His mother and father would have loved to see what man you are today. From all the "White Eye" family we love you and may one day some young lad out of our family make it to were you are today. (13/02/2011)

Peter M says: Leo has signed as player / skills coach with the Liverpool Titans for season 2012 . (21/12/2011)

Anonymous says: Absolute champion who puts in a ton of work for nought at our local club (05/05/2012)

Anonymous says: Leo is playing for The Oaks first grade 2012 (03/06/2012)

Kevin says: Capped off a masterful 2016 Murri Carnival performance by
scoring the match-winning try for Cherbourg Hornets in their victory over Purga Wagtails (01/10/2016)

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