Jeff Doyle

Referee Career

Vital Statistics

Sunday, 1st October, 1967
Current Age
55 years and 360 days

Known Family Links

Rod Doyle

Referee Career Statistics

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Your Say

Paul leonard says: I played both school and club football with Jeff , when we were kids.. 10/12 years of age.
We both were primary educated at st frAncis Xzavier , at runaway bay on the gold coast, and played club football for the gold coast sharks at surfers paradise.
Jeff was an extremely talented footballer even back then. He was captain of the football teams and was always a great kicker and thinker of the game.
I followed his proffesinal career with pride. (12/08/2012)

Anonymous says: Jeff Doyle was an absolute legend of our game
with exceptional leadership skills (07/09/2014)

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