Sheffield Eagles vs. Hunter Mariners

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Sheffield Eagles 4 lost to Hunter Mariners 40

Match URL
Friday, June 20th, 1997
Kick Off
7:30 PM (local time)
Russell Smith
Don Valley Stadium (Sheffield)
  Sheffield Eagles Hunter Mariners
  4 40

Match Stats

Halftime Score 2 20
Penalties 7 5

Match Scoresheet

Tries       Robbie Ross (3)
        Keith Beauchamp
        John Carlaw
        Darrien Doherty
        Brett Kimmorley
        Willie Poching
Goals   Mark Aston (2)   Noel Goldthorpe (2)
        Neil Piccinelli (2)


Fullback 1. Lynton Stott 1. Robbie Ross
Wing 2. Nick Pinkney 2. Keith Beauchamp
Centre 3. Willie Morganson 3. Craig Wise
Centre 4. Whetu Taewa 4. Kevin Iro
Wing 5. Jean-Marc Garcia 5. John Carlaw
Five-Eighth 6. Keith Senior 6. Brett Kimmorley
Halfback 7. Mark Aston 7. Noel Goldthorpe
Front Row 8. Paul Broadbent 8. Darrien Doherty
Hooker 9. Johnny Lawless 9. Robbie McCormack
Front Row 10. Steve Edmed 10. Anthony Brann
Second Row 11. Paul Carr 11. Tony Iro
Second Row 12. Danny McAllister 12. Neil Piccinelli
Lock 13. Marcus Vassilakopoulos 13. Willie Poching
Bench 14. Wayne Flynn 14. Brad Godden
Bench 15. David Mycoe 15. Troy Stone
Bench 16. Ricky Wright 16. Paul Marquet
Bench 17. Jason Erba    
Coach   John Kear   Graham Murray

Match Notes

Thanks to Terry Liberopoulos for providing the match details.

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