NSW Tour 1913 Series

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Game 1

Canterbury (NZ) 5 lost to New South Wales Firsts 45

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Saturday, August 23rd, 1913
Duncan McGregor
Christchurch Showgrounds (Christchurch)
  Canterbury (NZ) New South Wales Firsts
  5 45

Match Stats

Halftime Score 0 18

Match Scoresheet

Tries   H Shanks   Roy Algie (3)
        Dan Frawley (3)
        Sid Deane (2)
        Ed Courtney
        Paddy McCue
        Hash Thompson
Goals   George Smith (1)   Dan Frawley (3)
        Billy Cann (2)
Field Goals       Howard Hallett


Fullback 1. Billy Mitchell 1. Howard Hallett
Wing 2. George Smith 2. Dan Frawley
Centre 3. C Kruse 3. Sid Deane
Centre 4. C Koskella 4. Hash Thompson
Wing 5. W Brunsden 5. Roy Algie
Five-Eighth 6. A Stokes 6. Les Cubitt
Halfback 7. R Watts 7. Edward Coyne
Front Row 8. Jim Auld 8. Ed Courtney
Hooker 9. Charlie Pearce 9. Walter Haddock
Front Row 10. Alex Morris 10. Larry O'Malley
Second Row 11. RGH Nuttall 11. Paddy McCue (c)
Second Row 12. W Campbell 12. Billy Cann
Lock 13. H Shanks 13. Con Sullivan

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