NSW Tour 1912 Series

Game 7

Canterbury (NZ) 15 lost to New South Wales Firsts 28

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Saturday, September 14th, 1912
Robert Oliphant, A E Hooper
Christchurch Showgrounds (Christchurch)
  Canterbury (NZ) New South Wales Firsts
  15 28

Match Stats

Halftime Score 12 13

Match Scoresheet

Tries   C Hardingham (2)   Albert Broomham (2)
    D McPhail   Billy Cann (2)
        Alf Curran
        Dan Frawley
Goals   J Stevens (C) (2)   Ray Norman (3)
        Dan Frawley (2)
Field Goals   C Kruse    


Fullback 1. J Stevens (C) 1. Howard Hallett
Wing 2. D McPhail 2. Albert Broomham
Centre 3. Billy Mitchell 3. Tom Gleeson
Centre 4. C Kruse 4. Sid Deane
Wing 5. C Hardingham 5. Dan Frawley
Five-Eighth 6. A Stokes 6. Ray Norman
Halfback 7. William Bussell 7. Arthur Halloway (c)
Front Row 8. H Shanks 8. Billy Cann
Hooker 9. Abbie Shadbolt 9. Alf Curran
Front Row 10. W Campbell 10. Charles McMurtrie
Second Row 11. Jim Auld 11. Frank Burge
Second Row 12. Alex Morris 12. Bob Williams
Lock 13. Charlie Pearce (c) 13. Ed Courtney
Bench 14. Thomas Cross    

Match Notes

Referee Oliphant was deemed to have been so poor a referee in the first half that both sides agreed to have him replaced at halftime. A.Hooper officiated the second half.

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