Maori Tour 1908 Series

Game 13

Metropolis 17 lost to New Zealand Maori 32

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Wednesday, August 12th, 1908
Kick Off
3:00 PM (local time)
P McDermott
Sydney Sports Ground (Sydney)
  Metropolis New Zealand Maori
  17 32

Match Stats

Halftime Score    


Fullback 1. Bill Whitfield 1. Riki Papakura
Wing 2. Johnno Stuntz 2. Ernie Asher
Centre 3. Bill McCarthy 3. Albert Asher (c)
Centre 4. J Mathieson 4. Frank Barclay
Wing 5. Arthur Conlin 5. Hone Tuki
Five-Eighth 6. G Gardiner (c) 6. Jack Stanaway
Halfback 7. C Manton 7. Nikki Rogers
Front Row 8. ? Goulding 8. Hokopa Hatana
Hooker 9. Hash Thompson 9. Glen Barclay
Front Row 10. Fred Notting 10. A Iharairawa
Second Row 11. ? Livingstone 11. Henare Rota
Second Row 12. Harry Glanville 12. Alex Stanaway
Lock 13. ? Calham 13. Mikaere Heretaunga
Bench 14. ? Boland 14. H Manata
Bench 15. Joe Kendall 15. Hone Pihama

Match Notes

Benefit Match for Maoris played under Rugby Union rules. The NSW team comprised a number of New Zealand players and some Sydney Rugby Union players. It was not sanctioned by the NSWRL and there was talk of players taking part being banned from the remainder of the season but that did not seem to happen.

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