Ashes Series 1962 Series

Game 3

Australia 18 def. Great Britain 17

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Saturday, July 14th, 1962
Kick Off
2:19 PM (local time)
Darcy Lawler
Sydney Cricket Ground (Sydney)
  Australia Great Britain
  18 17

Match Stats

Halftime Score 11 12
Scrums 17 10
Penalties 14 12

Match Scoresheet

Sent Off   Dud Beattie   Mick Sullivan
        Derek Turner
Tries   Ken Irvine (2)   Eric Ashton
    Frank Drake   Neil Fox
    Arthur Summons   Alex Murphy
Goals   Ken Irvine (3/7)   Neil Fox (4/4)


Fullback 1. Frank Drake 1. Gerry Round
Wing 2. Ken Irvine 2. Mick Sullivan
Centre 3. Peter Dimond 3. Eric Ashton (c)
Centre 4. Alan Gil 4. Neil Fox
Wing 5. Eddie Lumsden 5. Billy Boston
Five-Eighth 6. Jimmy Lisle 6. Harold Poynton
Halfback 7. Arthur Summons (c) 7. Alex Murphy
Front Row 8. Bill Carson 8. Norman Herbert
Hooker 9. Ian Walsh 9. Bill Sayer
Front Row 10. Dud Beattie 10. Brian McTigue
Second Row 11. Elton Rasmussen 11. Brian Edgar
Second Row 12. Mick Veivers 12. Dick Huddart
Lock 13. John Raper 13. Derek Turner
Coach   Harry Bath    

Match Notes

Referee Darcy Lawler was the subject of great controversy following this match. Many believe that the pass leading up to Australia's final try was forward, and video of the match does little to discredit the claim.

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