Australia vs France 1955 Series

Game 3

Australia 5 lost to France 8

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Saturday, July 23rd, 1955
Kick Off
2:30 PM (local time)
Jack Casey
Sydney Cricket Ground (Sydney)
  Australia France
  5 8

Match Stats

Halftime Score    

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Brian Davies   Raymond Contrastin
        Andre Ducasse
Goals   Clive Churchill (1)   Christian Duple (1)


Fullback 1. Clive Churchill (c) 1. Jean Dop
Wing 2. Ross Kite 2. Andre Ducasse
Centre 3. Dick Poole 3. Jacques Merquey (c)
Centre 4. Alex Watson 4. Roger Rey
Wing 5. Denis Flannery 5. Raymond Contrastin
Five-Eighth 6. Graham Laird 6. Gilbert Benausse
Halfback 7. Keith Holman 7. Christian Duple
Front Row 8. Duncan Hall 8. Jacques Fabre
Hooker 9. Ken Kearney 9. Jean Audoubert
Front Row 10. Roy Bull 10. Joseph Vanel
Second Row 11. Brian Davies 11. François Montrucolis
Second Row 12. Henry Holloway 12. Gabriel Berthomieu
Lock 13. Harold Crocker 13. Francis Levy
Coach   Vic Hey    

Match Notes

In the leadup to this match, it was announced on Monday July 18th that Harry Wells would no longer be available for "big" football. He was replaced by Newtown's Dick Poole.

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