Kangaroos Tour 1956 Series


Catalan XIII 14 lost to Australia 20

Kangaroos Tour 1956/57 - Game

Catalan XIII
14 20
Match Info
Match URL www.rugbyleagueproject.org/matches/23168
Status Completed
Date Monday, 31st December, 1956
Venue Jean-Laffon (Perpignan)
Crowd 7,900
Match Scoresheet
    T 2 Ian MOIR
      Gordon CLIFFORD
      Tom PAYNE
    G 4 Gordon CLIFFORD
    OFF Brian DAVIES
    FB 1 Gordon CLIFFORD
    W 2 Kevin O'BRIEN
[St George]
    C 3 Alex WATSON
    C 4 Tom PAYNE
    W 5 Ian MOIR
    FE 6 Bob BANKS
    HB 7 Keith HOLMAN
[Western Suburbs]
    FR 8 Brian DAVIES
    HK 9 Ken KEARNEY
[St George]
    FR 10 Roy BULL
    2R 11 Ian DOYLE
    2R 12 Ignatius TYQUIN
    L 13 Don ADAMS

Team Info

Catalan XIII

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Kangaroos Tour 1956/57 - Game 24 vs. Carcassonne
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1956/57 France vs. Australia - Game 3 vs. France
Clive Churchill (fullback), Denis Flannery (wing), Ian Johnston (centre), Dick Poole (wing), Cyril Connell Jr (five-eighth), Ernie Hammerton (hooker)
Gordon Clifford (fullback), Kevin O'Brien (wing), Tom Payne (centre), Ian Moir (wing), Bob Banks (five-eighth), Brian Davies (front row)
Ken Kearney (front row to hooker)

Match Notes

Brian Davies was sent off in the second half, but was allowed to return to play after 5 minutes. The Catalans side fielded an ineligible player when they had a substitute player replace their five-eighth Levy for the second half.

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Contributions: Bill Bates, Andrew Ferguson