Kangaroos Tour 1956 Series


Wigan 4 lost to Australia 32

Kangaroos Tour 1956/57 - Game

4 32
Match Info
Match URL www.rugbyleagueproject.org/matches/23163
Status Completed
Date Saturday, 8th December, 1956
Venue Central Park (Wigan)
Crowd 15,854
Match Scoresheet
    T 2 Ian DOYLE
      Denis FLANNERY
      Keith HOLMAN
      Des McGOVERN
      Alex WATSON
    G 7 Gordon CLIFFORD
    FB 1 Gordon CLIFFORD
    W 2 Denis FLANNERY
    C 3 Alex WATSON
    C 4 Dick POOLE
    W 5 Des McGOVERN
    FE 6 Bob BANKS
    HB 7 Keith HOLMAN
[Western Suburbs]
    FR 8 Roy BULL
    HK 9 Ken KEARNEY
[St George]
    FR 10 Don FURNER
    2R 11 Norm PROVAN
[St George]
    2R 12 Kel O'SHEA
[Western Suburbs]
    L 13 Ian DOYLE

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Clive Churchill (fullback), Don Adams (wing), Tom Payne (centre), Kevin O'Brien (centre), Ian Moir (wing), Ian Johnston (five-eighth), Cyril Connell Jr (halfback), Brian Davies (front row), Ernie Hammerton (hooker), Bryan Orrock (front row), Ignatius Tyquin (second row), Bernie Purcell (second row)
Gordon Clifford (fullback), Denis Flannery (wing), Alex Watson (centre), Dick Poole (centre), Des McGovern (wing), Bob Banks (five-eighth), Keith Holman (halfback), Roy Bull (front row), Ken Kearney (hooker), Don Furner (front row), Norm Provan (second row), Kel O'Shea (second row)

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Contributions: Bill Bates, Andrew Ferguson