New South Wales Firsts vs. New South Wales Seconds

New South Wales Firsts 34 def. New South Wales Seconds 20

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Monday, June 6th, 1921
Kick Off
3:00 PM (local time)
William "Webby" Neill
Sydney Cricket Ground (Sydney)
  New South Wales Firsts New South Wales Seconds
  34 20

Match Stats

Halftime Score 20 5

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Frank Burge (3)   Felix Ryan (2)
    Dick Vest (2)   George Carstairs
    Jim Craig   Duncan Thompson
    Harold Horder    
    Jack Ives    
Goals   Jim Craig (4)   Arthur Oxford (3)
    Frank Burge (1)   Rex Norman (1)


Fullback 1. Ted Taplin 1. Ed Rigney
Wing 2. Dick Vest 2. Rex Norman
Centre 3. Cecil Seddon 3. Herman Peters
Centre 4. Jim Craig 4. Jim Flattery
Wing 5. Harold Horder 5. George Carstairs
Five-Eighth 6. Harry Caples 6. Dallas Hodgins
Halfback 7. Albert Johnston (c) 7. Duncan Thompson (c)
Front Row 8. Clarrie Tye 8. Arthur Oxford
Hooker 9. Horace Watt 9. Ern Willmott
Front Row 10. Frank Burge 10. Felix Ryan
Second Row 11. Alf Fraser 11. Dick Townsend
Second Row 12. Jack Ives 12. Clarrie Prentice
Lock 13. Albert Gray 13. Jack Watkins

Match Notes

NSW FIrsts wore the traditional Light blue strip and the seconds wore red and black stripes

Contributions: Greg Fiveash