City vs Country (Firsts) 1955

New South Wales City Firsts 31 def. New South Wales Country Firsts 18

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Saturday, May 14th, 1955
Col Pearce
Sydney Cricket Ground (Sydney)
  New South Wales City Firsts New South Wales Country Firsts
  31 18

Match Stats

Halftime Score 8 8
Scrums 23 12
Penalties 6 15

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Greg Hawick (2)   Don Adams (2)
    Keith Holman (2)   Albert Paul
    Bill Bailey   Harry Wells
    Norm Provan    
    Ray Thomas    
Goals   Greg Hawick (5)   Russ Naughton (3)


Fullback 1. Clive Churchill (c) 1. Russ Naughton
Wing 2. Noel Pidding 2. Cliff Smailles
Centre 3. Ray Thomas 3. Harry Wells
Centre 4. Greg Hawick 4. Darcy Henry
Wing 5. Bill Bailey 5. Don Adams
Five-Eighth 6. Rees Duncan 6. Frank Stanmore
Halfback 7. Keith Holman 7. Doug Cameron
Lock 8. Harold Crocker 8. Albert Paul (c)
Second Row 9. Norm Provan 9. Alan Hockley
Second Row 10. Henry Holloway 10. Doug Chapple
Front Row 11. Roy Bull 11. Fred Brown
Hooker 12. Ken Kearney 12. Ken Fogarty
Front Row 13. Bryan Orrock 13. Kevin Hansen
Bench     14. Norm Brogan

Note: Forward packs are listed in reverse order.

Match Notes

Harry Wells (Country Firsts) was concussed late in the first half following a high tackle by Greg Hawick (City Firsts) and did not continue. The doctor who tended to Wells ordered him off as a precautionary measure, but was quoted as saying "If the match had been a Test I would have permitted him to resume." Norm Brogan, who suffered an injury to his right eye which closed up by the end of the match, came on as Wells' replacement in the second half. Doug Cameron (Country Firsts) suffered a kick in the back in the first 10 minutes, while Frank Stanmore (Country Firsts) had a bruised shoulder, which left both players impeded for most of the match.

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