City vs Country (Firsts) 1953

New South Wales City Firsts 27 lost to New South Wales Country Firsts 28

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Saturday, May 16th, 1953
Jack O'Brien
Sydney Cricket Ground (Sydney)
  New South Wales City Firsts New South Wales Country Firsts
  27 28

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Match Scoresheet

Tries   Noel Pidding (2)   Don Schofield (2)
    Arthur Collinson   Ron Battye
    Keith Holman   Brian Carlson
    George Martin    
Goals   Noel Pidding (6)   Darcy Russell (8)


Fullback 1. Clive Churchill 1. Darcy Russell
Wing 2. Noel Pidding 2. Brian Carlson
Centre 3. Keith Middleton 3. Harry Wells
Centre 4. George Martin 4. Robert Bartlett
Wing 5. Ian Moir 5. Jack Lumsden
Five-Eighth 6. Col Geelan 6. Rees Duncan
Halfback 7. Keith Holman 7. Noel Hill
Lock 8. Peter Diversi 8. Ron Battye
Second Row 9. Ken Macreadie 9. Albert Paul
Second Row 10. Arthur Collinson 10. Don Schofield
Front Row 11. Roy Bull 11. Charlie Gill
Hooker 12. Ken Kearney 12. Ernie Hammerton
Front Row 13. Kevin Hansen 13. Bryan Orrock

Note: Forward packs are listed in reverse order.

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