Ashes Series 1908 Series

Game 1

England 22 drew with Australia 22

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Saturday, December 12th, 1908
Kick Off
2:30 PM (local time)
JH Smith
Park Oval (London)
  England Australia
  22 22

Match Stats

Halftime Score 14 5

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Billy Batten (2)   Jim Devereux (3)
    Ernie Brooks   Arthur Butler
    Asa Robinson    
    Johnny Thomas    
    George Tyson    
Goals   Ernie Brooks (2)   Dally Messenger (5)


Fullback 1. Harry Gifford 1. Mick Bolewski
Wing 2. Billy Batten 2. Wilhelm Heidke
Centre 3. Bert Jenkins (c) 3. Sid Deane
Centre 4. George Dickenson 4. Dally Messenger (c)
Wing 5. George Tyson 5. Jim Devereux
Five-Eighth 6. Ernie Brooks 6. Arthur Halloway
Halfback 7. Johnny Thomas 7. Arthur Butler
Front Row 8. Arthur Mann 8. Larry O'Malley
Hooker 9. John Higson 9. Sandy Pearce
Front Row 10. Bill Jukes 10. Alex Burdon
Second Row 11. Bill Longworth 11. Jim Abercrombie
Second Row 12. Arthur Smith 12. Ed Courtney
Lock 13. Asa Robinson 13. Pat Walsh

Match Notes

The Times newspaper reported that the quality of football on display during this game deserved a much larger patronage.

It also mentions a good performance by Herbert Messenger, which was marred by "two or three examples of inexcusable obstruction".

It also reports that the half time score was 14-5 in favour of the Northern Union.

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