Premiership Trophy 1982/83

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Hull FC 10 lost to Widnes 22

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Saturday, May 14th, 1983
Fred Lindop
Headingley (Leeds)
  Hull FC Widnes
  10 22

Match Stats

Halftime Score 10 10

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Dane O'Hara   John Basnett (2)
    David Topliss   Andy Gregory
        Tony Myler
Goals   Lee Crooks (2)   Joe Lydon (5)


Fullback 1. Gary Kemble 1. Mick Burke
Wing 2. Dane O'Hara 2. Ralph Linton
Centre 3. Terry Day 3. Eric Hughes
Centre 4. James Leuluai 4. Joe Lydon
Wing 5. Steve Evans 5. John Basnett
Five-Eighth 6. David Topliss 6. Tony Myler
Halfback 7. Tony Dean 7. Andy Gregory
Front Row 8. Trevor Skerrett 8. Mike O'Neill
Hooker 9. Keith Bridges 9. Keith Elwell
Front Row 10. Charlie Stone 10. Les Gorley
Second Row 11. Paul Rose 11. Fred Whitfield
Second Row 12. Lee Crooks 12. Eric Prescott
Lock 13. Steve Norton 13. Mick Adams
Bench 14. Patrick Solal 14. David Hulme
Bench 15. Mick Crane 15. Steve O'Neill
Coach   Arthur Bunting   Harry Dawson
        Colin Tyrer

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