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Southern Hemisphere

Northern Hemisphere

Week 10

NRL 2021 - Round 1  
Thu Mar 11th 8:05PM Melbourne 26 South Sydney 18 11812 View  
Fri Mar 12th 8:05PM Brisbane 16 Parramatta 24 28313 View  
Fri Mar 12th 6:00PM Newcastle 32 Canterbury 16 19555 View  
Sat Mar 13th 7:35PM Penrith 24 North Queensland 0 14077 View  
Sat Mar 13th 5:30PM Sydney 46 Manly Warringah 4 15097 View  
Sat Mar 13th 3:00PM Warriors 19 Gold Coast Titans 6 3771 View  
Sun Mar 14th 4:05PM Canberra 30 Wests Tigers 12 15680 View  
Sun Mar 14th 6:15PM St George Illawarra 18 Cronulla 32 7636 View  

Week 11

NRL 2021 - Round 2 Challenge Cup 2021 - Round 1
Thu Mar 18th 8:05PM Parramatta 16 Melbourne 12 10416 View Fri Mar 19th 7:45PM Sheffield Eagles 6 York City Knights 30 View
Fri Mar 19th 8:05PM Gold Coast Titans 28 Brisbane 16 17822 View Sat Mar 20th 7:30PM Halifax 6 Batley 19 View
Fri Mar 19th 6:00PM Warriors 16 Newcastle 20 4595 View Sat Mar 20th 1:45PM London 24 Keighley 10 View
Sat Mar 20th 3:00PM Canterbury 0 Penrith 28 5062 View Sat Mar 20th 1:45PM Oldham 20 Barrow 6 View
Sat Mar 20th 5:30PM Manly Warringah 12 South Sydney 26 3218 View Sat Mar 20th 5:15PM Whitehaven 23 Dewsbury 16 View
Sat Mar 20th 7:35PM North Queensland 18 St George Illawarra 25 15120 View Sun Mar 21st 3:00PM Featherstone Rovers 41 Bradford 16 View
Sun Mar 21st 6:15PM Cronulla 10 Canberra 12 3145 View Sun Mar 21st 5:15PM Swinton 28 Newcastle Thunder 16 View
Sun Mar 21st 4:05PM Wests Tigers 6 Sydney 40 6107 View Sun Mar 21st 12:45PM West Wales 4 Widnes 58 View

Week 12

NRL 2021 - Round 3 Super League XXVI 2021 - Round 1
Thu Mar 25th 8:05PM Penrith 12 Melbourne 10 14077 View Fri Mar 26th 8:00PM Leigh 18 Wigan 20 0 View
Fri Mar 26th 6:00PM St George Illawarra 38 Manly Warringah 12 9253 View Fri Mar 26th 6:00PM St Helens 29 Salford 6 0 View
Fri Mar 26th 8:05PM South Sydney 26 Sydney 16 22838 View Sat Mar 27th 5:00PM Catalans 29 Hull Kingston Rovers 28 0 View
Sat Mar 27th 5:30PM Brisbane 24 Canterbury 0 22509 View Sat Mar 27th 3:00PM Wakefield Trinity 22 Leeds 28 0 View
Sat Mar 27th 3:00PM Canberra 31 Warriors 34 13456 View Sun Mar 28th 2:00PM Castleford Tigers 21 Warrington 12 0 View
Sat Mar 27th 7:35PM Parramatta 28 Cronulla 4 19236 View Sun Mar 28th 12:00PM Hull FC 22 Huddersfield 10 0 View
Sun Mar 28th 4:05PM Newcastle 20 Wests Tigers 24 20239 View Challenge Cup 2021 - Round 2
Sun Mar 28th 6:15PM North Queensland 8 Gold Coast Titans 44 12627 View Sat Mar 27th 12:45PM Featherstone Rovers 30 Batley 22 View
  Sun Mar 28th 2:30PM London 2 York City Knights 14 View
  Sun Mar 28th 12:30PM Swinton 23 Oldham 14 View
  Sun Mar 28th 5:00PM Widnes 34 Whitehaven 10 View

Week 13

NRL 2021 - Round 4 Super League XXVI 2021 - Round 2
Thu Apr 1st 8:05PM Manly Warringah 6 Penrith 46 6076 View Thu Apr 1st 8:00PM Hull Kingston Rovers 0 St Helens 25 0 View
Fri Apr 2nd 4:05PM Canterbury 0 South Sydney 38 23240 View Thu Apr 1st 6:00PM Wigan 34 Wakefield Trinity 6 0 View
Fri Apr 2nd 8:05PM Melbourne 40 Brisbane 6 14135 View Fri Apr 2nd 3:00PM Leeds 10 Castleford Tigers 18 0 View
Sat Apr 3rd 5:15PM Cronulla 48 North Queensland 10 5119 View Fri Apr 2nd 12:00PM Warrington 44 Leigh 12 0 View
Sat Apr 3rd 7:45PM Gold Coast Titans 4 Canberra 20 5117 View Sat Apr 3rd 2:00PM Huddersfield 10 Catalans 20 0 View
Sun Apr 4th 4:05PM Newcastle 13 St George Illawarra 22 21770 View Sat Apr 3rd 12:00PM Salford 4 Hull FC 35 0 View
Sun Apr 4th 6:15PM Sydney 32 Warriors 12 12210 View Betfred Championship
Mon Apr 5th 4:00PM Wests Tigers 22 Parramatta 36 29056 View Fri Apr 2nd 7:30PM Featherstone Rovers 28 Batley 18 View
  Fri Apr 2nd 5:00PM Halifax 47 London 14 View
  Fri Apr 2nd 5:15PM Oldham 28 Swinton 20 View
  Sat Apr 3rd 7:30PM Dewsbury 17 Whitehaven 8 View
  Sat Apr 3rd 4:30PM York City Knights 6 Toulouse 21 View
  Sun Apr 4th 5:15PM Newcastle Thunder 30 Widnes 30 View
  Sun Apr 4th 12:45PM Sheffield Eagles 50 Bradford 12 View

Week 14

NRL 2021 - Round 5  
Thu Apr 8th 7:50PM South Sydney 35 Brisbane 6 9142 View  
Fri Apr 9th 7:55PM Penrith 30 Canberra 10 20890 View  
Fri Apr 9th 6:00PM Warriors 12 Manly Warringah 13 4982 View  
Sat Apr 10th 5:30PM Canterbury 18 Melbourne 52 5104 View  
Sat Apr 10th 3:00PM Gold Coast Titans 42 Newcastle 16 12492 View  
Sat Apr 10th 7:35PM Sydney 26 Cronulla 18 10736 View  
Sun Apr 11th 6:15PM Parramatta 12 St George Illawarra 26 24384 View  
Sun Apr 11th 4:05PM Wests Tigers 30 North Queensland 34 9433 View  

Week 15

NRL 2021 - Round 6  
Thu Apr 15th 7:50PM Brisbane 12 Penrith 20 21224 View  
Fri Apr 16th 7:55PM Melbourne 20 Sydney 4 15087 View  
Fri Apr 16th 6:00PM Newcastle 26 Cronulla 22 17039 View  
Sat Apr 17th 7:35PM Canberra 10 Parramatta 35 20089 View  
Sat Apr 17th 3:00PM Manly Warringah 36 Gold Coast Titans 0 6380 View  
Sat Apr 17th 5:30PM South Sydney 18 Wests Tigers 14 16134 View  
Sun Apr 18th 4:05PM North Queensland 30 Canterbury 18 View  
Sun Apr 18th 2:00PM St George Illawarra 14 Warriors 20 11222 View  

Week 16

NRL 2021 - Round 7  
Thu Apr 22nd 7:50PM Penrith Newcastle View  
Fri Apr 23rd 6:00PM Gold Coast Titans South Sydney View  
Fri Apr 23rd 7:55PM Parramatta Brisbane View  
Sat Apr 24th 5:30PM Cronulla Canterbury View  
Sat Apr 24th 7:35PM North Queensland Canberra View  
Sun Apr 25th 6:15PM Melbourne Warriors View  
Sun Apr 25th 4:05PM Sydney St George Illawarra View  
Sun Apr 25th 1:45PM Wests Tigers Manly Warringah View  

Week 17

NRL 2021 - Round 8  
Thu Apr 29th 7:50PM Canberra South Sydney View  
Fri Apr 30th 7:55PM Brisbane Gold Coast Titans View  
Fri Apr 30th 6:00PM Melbourne Cronulla View  
Sat May 1st 5:30PM Canterbury Parramatta View  
Sat May 1st 7:35PM Newcastle Sydney View  
Sat May 1st 3:00PM Penrith Manly Warringah View  
Sun May 2nd 4:05PM St George Illawarra Wests Tigers View  
Sun May 2nd 2:00PM Warriors North Queensland View  

Week 18

NRL 2021 - Round 9  
Thu May 6th 7:50PM South Sydney Melbourne View  
Fri May 7th 7:55PM Parramatta Sydney View  
Fri May 7th 6:00PM Penrith Cronulla View  
Sat May 8th 3:00PM Canberra Newcastle View  
Sat May 8th 7:35PM North Queensland Brisbane View  
Sat May 8th 5:30PM Wests Tigers Gold Coast Titans View  
Sun May 9th 2:00PM Manly Warringah Warriors View  
Sun May 9th 4:05PM St George Illawarra Canterbury View  

Week 19

NRL 2021 - Round 10  
Fri May 14th 8:05PM Manly Warringah Brisbane View  
Fri May 14th 6:00PM Wests Tigers Newcastle View  
Sat May 15th 3:00PM Canterbury Canberra View  
Sat May 15th 5:30PM Cronulla South Sydney View  
Sat May 15th 7:45PM Sydney North Queensland View  
Sun May 16th 6:25PM Gold Coast Titans Penrith View  
Sun May 16th 4:05PM Melbourne St George Illawarra View  
Sun May 16th 1:50PM Warriors Parramatta View  

Week 20

NRL 2021 - Round 11  
Thu May 20th 7:50PM North Queensland Newcastle View  
Fri May 21st 7:55PM Cronulla St George Illawarra View  
Fri May 21st 6:00PM Warriors Wests Tigers View  
Sat May 22nd 7:35PM Canberra Melbourne View  
Sat May 22nd 3:00PM Gold Coast Titans Canterbury View  
Sat May 22nd 5:30PM Sydney Brisbane View  
Sun May 23rd 4:05PM Parramatta Manly Warringah View  
Sun May 23rd 2:00PM South Sydney Penrith View  

Week 21

NRL 2021 - Round 12  
Thu May 27th 7:50PM Brisbane Melbourne View  
Fri May 28th 6:00PM North Queensland Warriors View  
Fri May 28th 7:55PM Wests Tigers St George Illawarra View  
Sat May 29th 3:00PM Penrith Canterbury View  
Sat May 29th 5:30PM South Sydney Parramatta View  
Sat May 29th 7:35PM Sydney Canberra View  
Sun May 30th 2:00PM Cronulla Gold Coast Titans View  
Sun May 30th 4:05PM Newcastle Manly Warringah View  

Week 22

NRL 2021 - Round 13  
Thu Jun 3rd 7:50PM St George Illawarra Brisbane View  
Fri Jun 4th 7:55PM Wests Tigers Penrith View  
Sat Jun 5th 7:35PM Melbourne Gold Coast Titans View  
Sun Jun 6th 4:05PM Newcastle Parramatta View  

Week 23

NRL 2021 - Round 14  
Fri Jun 11th 7:55PM Cronulla Penrith View  
Fri Jun 11th 6:00PM Manly Warringah North Queensland View  
Sat Jun 12th 7:35PM Canberra Brisbane View  
Sat Jun 12th 3:00PM Gold Coast Titans Sydney View  
Sat Jun 12th 5:30PM South Sydney Newcastle View  
Sun Jun 13th 4:05PM Parramatta Wests Tigers View  
Sun Jun 13th 2:00PM Warriors Melbourne View  
Mon Jun 14th 4:00PM Canterbury St George Illawarra View  

Week 24

NRL 2021 - Round 15  
Thu Jun 17th 7:50PM Brisbane South Sydney View  
Fri Jun 18th 6:00PM North Queensland Cronulla View  
Fri Jun 18th 7:55PM Penrith Sydney View  
Sat Jun 19th 7:35PM Melbourne Wests Tigers View  
Sat Jun 19th 3:00PM Newcastle Warriors View  
Sat Jun 19th 5:30PM St George Illawarra Canberra View  
Sun Jun 20th 4:05PM Gold Coast Titans Manly Warringah View  
Sun Jun 20th 2:00PM Parramatta Canterbury View  

Week 26

NRL 2021 - Round 16  
Thu Jul 1st 7:50PM Sydney Melbourne View  
Fri Jul 2nd 7:55PM Penrith Parramatta View  
Fri Jul 2nd 6:00PM Warriors St George Illawarra View  
Sat Jul 3rd 5:30PM Canberra Gold Coast Titans View  
Sat Jul 3rd 3:00PM Canterbury Manly Warringah View  
Sat Jul 3rd 7:35PM Newcastle North Queensland View  
Sun Jul 4th 2:00PM Brisbane Cronulla View  
Sun Jul 4th 4:05PM Wests Tigers South Sydney View  

Week 27

NRL 2021 - Round 17  
Thu Jul 8th 7:50PM Manly Warringah Canberra View  
Fri Jul 9th 7:55PM South Sydney North Queensland View  
Sat Jul 10th 7:35PM Canterbury Sydney View  
Sun Jul 11th 4:05PM Cronulla Warriors View  

Week 28

NRL 2021 - Round 18  
Fri Jul 16th 6:00PM Gold Coast Titans Parramatta View  
Fri Jul 16th 7:55PM Manly Warringah St George Illawarra View  
Sat Jul 17th 3:00PM Canberra Cronulla View  
Sat Jul 17th 5:30PM Melbourne Newcastle View  
Sat Jul 17th 7:35PM North Queensland Sydney View  
Sun Jul 18th 4:05PM Brisbane Wests Tigers View  
Sun Jul 18th 6:15PM South Sydney Canterbury View  
Sun Jul 18th 2:00PM Warriors Penrith View  

Week 29

NRL 2021 - Round 19  
Thu Jul 22nd 7:50PM Parramatta Canberra View  
Fri Jul 23rd 7:55PM North Queensland Melbourne View  
Fri Jul 23rd 6:00PM Sydney Newcastle View  
Sat Jul 24th 5:30PM Manly Warringah Wests Tigers View  
Sat Jul 24th 7:35PM Penrith Brisbane View  
Sat Jul 24th 3:00PM South Sydney Warriors View  
Sun Jul 25th 4:05PM Canterbury Cronulla View  
Sun Jul 25th 2:00PM St George Illawarra Gold Coast Titans View  

Week 30

NRL 2021 - Round 20  
Thu Jul 29th 7:50PM Sydney Parramatta View  
Fri Jul 30th 7:55PM Brisbane North Queensland View  
Fri Jul 30th 6:00PM Wests Tigers Warriors View  
Sat Jul 31st 7:35PM Melbourne Penrith View  
Sat Jul 31st 5:30PM Newcastle Canberra View  
Sat Jul 31st 3:00PM St George Illawarra South Sydney View  
Sun Aug 1st 2:00PM Canterbury Gold Coast Titans View  
Sun Aug 1st 4:05PM Cronulla Manly Warringah View  

Week 31

NRL 2021 - Round 21  
Thu Aug 5th 7:50PM Newcastle Brisbane View  
Fri Aug 6th 6:00PM Canberra St George Illawarra View  
Fri Aug 6th 7:55PM Parramatta South Sydney View  
Sat Aug 7th 7:35PM Manly Warringah Melbourne View  
Sat Aug 7th 5:30PM Sydney Penrith View  
Sat Aug 7th 3:00PM Warriors Cronulla View  
Sun Aug 8th 2:00PM Canterbury Wests Tigers View  
Sun Aug 8th 4:05PM Gold Coast Titans North Queensland View  

Week 32

NRL 2021 - Round 22  
Thu Aug 12th 7:50PM Melbourne Canberra View  
Fri Aug 13th 7:55PM Brisbane Sydney View  
Fri Aug 13th 6:00PM St George Illawarra Penrith View  
Sat Aug 14th 5:30PM Manly Warringah Parramatta View  
Sat Aug 14th 7:35PM North Queensland Wests Tigers View  
Sat Aug 14th 3:00PM South Sydney Gold Coast Titans View  
Sun Aug 15th 4:05PM Cronulla Newcastle View  
Sun Aug 15th 2:00PM Warriors Canterbury View  

Week 33

NRL 2021 - Round 23  
Thu Aug 19th 7:50PM Gold Coast Titans Melbourne View  
Fri Aug 20th 6:00PM Canberra Manly Warringah View  
Fri Aug 20th 7:55PM Penrith South Sydney View  
Sat Aug 21st 5:30PM Canterbury Newcastle View  
Sat Aug 21st 7:35PM Parramatta North Queensland View  
Sat Aug 21st 3:00PM Wests Tigers Cronulla View  
Sun Aug 22nd 4:05PM Brisbane Warriors View  
Sun Aug 22nd 2:00PM St George Illawarra Sydney View  

Week 34

NRL 2021 - Round 24  
Thu Aug 26th 7:50PM Newcastle Gold Coast Titans View  
Fri Aug 27th 7:55PM Sydney South Sydney View  
Fri Aug 27th 6:00PM Warriors Canberra View  
Sat Aug 28th 5:30PM Cronulla Brisbane View  
Sat Aug 28th 7:35PM Melbourne Parramatta View  
Sat Aug 28th 3:00PM St George Illawarra North Queensland View  
Sun Aug 29th 2:00PM Manly Warringah Canterbury View  
Sun Aug 29th 4:05PM Penrith Wests Tigers View  

Week 35

NRL 2021 - Round 25  
Thu Sep 2nd 7:50PM Canberra Sydney View  
Fri Sep 3rd 6:00PM Cronulla Melbourne View  
Fri Sep 3rd 7:55PM Parramatta Penrith View  
Sat Sep 4th 5:30PM Brisbane Newcastle View  
Sat Sep 4th 7:35PM North Queensland Manly Warringah View  
Sat Sep 4th 3:00PM South Sydney St George Illawarra View  
Sun Sep 5th 2:00PM Gold Coast Titans Warriors View  
Sun Sep 5th 4:05PM Wests Tigers Canterbury View  


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