Hunter Mariners

Gains & Losses

This page should not be used as an authoritative guide on player transfers & debuts. It is determined only on the information currently available in the RLP database.

The following points should also be considered:

  • "Debut" denotes players who have not played in the elite Australiasian or European league competition previously
  • Players who transferred mid season do not appear here (these can be easily found by selecting Players above and finding any who have more than one team next to their name)

Super League 1997

Gains Debuts Losses Left Club/Did Not Play
BEAUCHAMP, Keith (Newcastle)
BRANN, Anthony (Sydney Tigers)
COLLINS, Stuart (Newcastle 1995)
DOHERTY, Darrien (Illawarra)
DOOLEY, Justin (Western Suburbs)
DORREEN, Michael (Sydney Tigers)
GODDEN, Brad (Newcastle)
GOLDTHORPE, Noel (St George)
HILL, Scott (Canterbury)
IRO, Kevin (Leeds)
IRO, Tony (Sydney City)
KIMMORLEY, Brett (Newcastle)
McCORMACK, Robbie (Newcastle)
MADDISON, Tim (Sydney City)
MARQUET, Paul (Newcastle)
PICCINELLI, Neil (Illawarra)
POCHING, Willie (North Queensland)
ROSS, Robbie (Brisbane)
SMITH, Tyran (South Sydney)
STONE, Troy (St George)
ZISTI, Nick (St George)
SWAIN, Richard
WISE, Craig
None None

Where Did They Go?

The following information shows, based on data available, where players who were involved in the last season of this club went to play afterwards.

Player Competition Team
DOHERTY, Darrien NRL 1998 Adelaide Rams
GOLDTHORPE, Noel NRL 1998 Adelaide Rams
IRO, Tony NRL 1998 Adelaide Rams
IRO, Kevin NRL 1998 Auckland Warriors
SMITH, Tyran NRL 1998 Auckland Warriors
BRANN, Anthony NRL 1998 Canberra Raiders
STONE, Troy NRL 1998 Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs
MADDISON, Tim NRL 1998 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks
ZISTI, Nick NRL 1998 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks
GODDEN, Brad Super League III 1998 Leeds Rhinos
CARLAW, John NRL 1998 Melbourne Storm
HILL, Scott NRL 1998 Melbourne Storm
KIMMORLEY, Brett NRL 1998 Melbourne Storm
MARQUET, Paul NRL 1998 Melbourne Storm
ROSS, Robbie NRL 1998 Melbourne Storm
SWAIN, Richard NRL 1998 Melbourne Storm
PICCINELLI, Neil NRL 1998 Newcastle Knights
WISE, Craig NRL 1998 Penrith Panthers
POCHING, Willie NRL 1998 St George Dragons
DOOLEY, Justin NRL 1998 Sydney City Roosters
McCORMACK, Robbie Super League III 1998 Wigan Warriors
BANNISTER, Robbie (no comp)
BEAUCHAMP, Keith (no comp)
COLLINS, Stuart (no comp)
DORREEN, Michael (no comp)
EBRILL, Steve (no comp)
MILES, Troy (no comp)
THOMPSON, Gavin (no comp)