Super League XV 2010

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Round 5

Hull FC 42 def. Castleford Tigers 22

Match URL
Friday, March 5th, 2010
Kick Off
8:00 PM (local time)
Richard Silverwood
KCOM Stadium (Hull)
  Hull FC Castleford Tigers
  42 22

Match Stats

Halftime Score 12 12
Penalties 9 9

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Richard Horne (2)   Shaun Ainscough
    Peter Cusack   Rangi Chase
    Craig Fitzgibbon   James Evans
    Craig Hall   Ryan Hudson
    Willie Manu    
    Kirk Yeaman    
Goals   Danny Tickle (6/6)   Craig Huby (2/3)
    Craig Fitzgibbon (1/1)   Kirk Dixon (1/1)


Fullback 1. Jordan Tansey 23. Ryan McGoldrick
Wing 2. Mark Calderwood 27. Shaun Ainscough
Centre 24. Craig Hall 3. Michael Shenton
Centre 4. Kirk Yeaman 4. James Evans
Wing 3. Tom Briscoe 5. Michael Wainwright
Five-Eighth 19. Jordan Turner 6. Rangi Chase
Halfback 6. Richard Horne 7. Brent Sherwin
Front Row 8. Ewan Dowes 8. Mitchell Sargent
Hooker 9. Shaun Berrigan 9. Ryan Hudson (c)
Front Row 10. Mark O'Meley 16. Paul Jackson
Second Row 16. Willie Manu 10. Craig Huby
Second Row 12. Danny Tickle 12. Steve Snitch
Lock 13. Craig Fitzgibbon (c) 17. Ryan Clayton
Bench 17. Peter Cusack 2. Kirk Dixon
Bench 15. Epalahame Lauaki 14. Stuart Jones
Bench 21. Richard Whiting 15. Liam Higgins
Bench 23. Sam Moa 18. Nathan Massey
Coach   Richard Agar   Terry Matterson

Match Notes

The Super League website reports Rangi Chase as having kicked 1 conversion, but League Express suggests it was Kirk Dixon. At this stage I'm leaving it with Dixon as history suggests Chase has never kicked a goal, and Dixon was on the field at the time Chase scored his try.

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