Super League XIV 2009

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Round 23

Catalans Dragons 34 def. Celtic Crusaders 0

Match URL
Saturday, August 1st, 2009
Kick Off
9:00 PM (local time)
Richard Silverwood
Stade Gilbert Brutus (Perpignan)
  Catalans Dragons Celtic Crusaders
  34 0

Match Stats

Halftime Score 26 0

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Steve Bell    
    Kane Bentley    
    Greg Bird    
    Jason Croker    
    Clint Greenshields    
    Casey McGuire    
    Dimitri Pelo    
Goals   Thomas Bosc (3)    


Fullback 1. Clint Greenshields 18. Mark Lennon
Wing 3. Steve Bell 2. Luke Dyer
Centre 12. Jason Croker 13. Marshall Chalk
Centre 15. Jean-Philippe Baile 22. Steve Tyrer
Wing 5. Dimitri Pelo 5. Anthony Blackwood
Five-Eighth 26. Greg Bird 14. Matty Smith
Halfback 6. Thomas Bosc 15. Peter Lupton
Front Row 22. Jamal Fakir 17. Jordan James
Hooker 17. Cyrille Gossard 19. Jason Chan
Front Row 14. Dane Carlaw 8. Ryan O'Hara
Second Row 10. Jérôme Guisset 9. Lincoln Withers
Second Row 9. Casey McGuire 10. Mark Bryant
Lock 23. Jason Ryles 20. David Tangata-Toa
Bench 24. Rémi Casty 23. Neil Budworth
Bench 13. Grégory Mounis 16. Ben Flower
Bench 27. Sébastien Martins 25. Geraint Davies
Bench 20. Kane Bentley    
Coach   Kevin Walters   John Dixon

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