Super League VII 2002

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Round 10

Halifax Blue Sox 19 def. Castleford Tigers 18

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Sunday, May 12th, 2002
Richard Silverwood
The Shay (Halifax)
  Halifax Blue Sox Castleford Tigers
  19 18

Match Stats

Halftime Score    

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Robbie Beckett   Danny Orr
    Stuart Donlan   Michael Smith
    Colum Halpenny    
Goals   Danny Tickle (2)   Wayne Bartrim (5)
    Karle Hammond (1)    
Field Goals   Andrew Dunemann    


Fullback 19. Jason Flowers 5. Darren Rogers
Wing 2. Robbie Beckett 20. Waine Pryce
Centre 4. David Woods 4. Barrie-Jon Mather
Centre 3. Stuart Donlan 3. Michael Eagar
Wing 14. Colum Halpenny 2. Jon Wells
Five-Eighth 6. Andrew Dunemann 6. Danny Orr
Halfback 7. Gavin Clinch 7. Mitch Healey
Front Row 23. Brett Goldspink 8. Nathan Sykes
Hooker 9. Johnny Lawless 9. Wayne Bartrim
Front Row 10. Jim Gannon 17. Andy Lynch
Second Row 12. Shayne McMenemy 23. Michael Smith
Second Row 11. Danny Tickle 15. Kyle Warren
Lock 13. Karle Hammond 13. Ryan Hudson
Bench 1. Darryl Cardiss 14. Andy Johnson
Bench 22. Chris Birchall 18. Wayne Godwin
Bench 16. Jamie Thackray 10. Dean Sampson
Bench 8. Andy Hobson    
Coach   Tony Anderson   Graham Steadman

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