Super League III 1998

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Round 21

Huddersfield 16 lost to Leeds Rhinos 72

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Sunday, September 13th, 1998
Robert Connolly
Alfred McAlpine Stadium (Huddersfield)
  Huddersfield Leeds Rhinos
  16 72

Match Stats

Halftime Score    

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Paul Cook   Richie Blackmore (2)
    Danny Russell   Brad Godden (2)
    Matt Sturm   Leroy Rivett (2)
        Francis Cummins
        Iestyn Harris
        Graham Holroyd
        Adrian Morley
        Barrie McDermott
        Terry Newton
        Kevin Sinfield
Goals   Paul Cook (1)   Iestyn Harris (10)
    Craig Weston (1)    


Fullback 2. Danny Arnold 1. Iestyn Harris
Wing 34. Darren Simpson 22. Leroy Rivett
Centre 6. Craig Weston 3. Richie Blackmore
Centre 24. Paul Loughlin 4. Brad Godden
Wing 5. Andy Cheetham 5. Francis Cummins
Five-Eighth 1. Paul Cook 14. Graham Holroyd
Halfback 32. Mark Moxon 7. Ryan Sheridan
Front Row 10. Jon Neill 8. Martin Masella
Hooker 9. Danny Russell 21. Terry Newton
Front Row 28. Jamie Field 10. Barrie McDermott
Second Row 12. David King 11. Adrian Morley
Second Row 20. Basil Richards 17. Anthony Farrell
Lock 13. Matt Sturm 27. Andy Hay
Bench 4. James Bunyan 18. Marvin Golden
Bench 29. Shane Byrne 24. Marcus St Hilaire
Bench 17. Joe Berry 30. Kevin Sinfield
Bench 21. Paul Jackson 20. Jamie Mathiou
Coach   Garry Schofield   Graham Murray

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