Super League III 1998

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Round 18

Halifax Blue Sox 25 def. Bradford Bulls 12

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Sunday, August 23rd, 1998
John Connolly
The Shay (Halifax)
  Halifax Blue Sox Bradford Bulls
  25 12

Match Stats

Halftime Score    

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Chris Chester   Paul Deacon
    Damian Gibson   Brian McDermott
    Martin Moana    
    Fereti Tuilagi    
Goals   Martin Pearson (4)   Steve McNamara (2)
Field Goals   Gavin Clinch    


Fullback 1. Damian Gibson 28. Stuart Spruce
Wing 23. Fereti Tuilagi 4. Abi Ekoku
Centre 6. Martin Pearson 2. Tevita Vaikona
Centre 19. David Bouveng 3. Graeme Bradley
Wing 26. Jamie Bloem 5. Jonathan Scales
Five-Eighth 24. Chris Chester 1. Robbie Hunter-Paul
Halfback 7. Gavin Clinch 24. Paul Deacon
Front Row 8. Karl Harrison 8. Neil Harmon
Hooker 9. Paul Rowley 25. James Lowes
Front Row 17. Richard Marshall 22. Brian McDermott
Second Row 11. Gary Mercer 14. Mike Forshaw
Second Row 10. Des Clark 11. Jeremy Donougher
Lock 13. Martin Moana 26. Steve McNamara
Bench 15. Daio Powell 9. Kevin Crouthers
Bench 12. Simon Baldwin 10. Nathan Graham
Bench 28. Martin Hall 29. Stuart Fielden
Bench 4. Kelvin Skerrett 36. Simon Knox
Coach   John Pendlebury   Matthew Elliott

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