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Round 3

Western Suburbs Magpies 5 lost to Glebe 10

Match URL
Saturday, May 15th, 1909
Kick Off
3:15 PM (local time)
Edward Hooper
Wentworth Park (Sydney)
  Western Suburbs Magpies Glebe
  5 10

Match Stats

Halftime Score 5 8

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Claude McFadyen   Albert Conlon
        Richard Moroney
Goals   Harry Bloomfield (1)   Albert Conlon (2)


Fullback 1. Tom Phelan (c) 1. Jim Farrelly
Wing 2. Albert Halling 2. E O'Keefe
Centre 3. Ray Gormley 3. Richard Moroney
Centre 4. Harry Bloomfield 4. H Prendergast
Wing 5. J Spears 5. H Davies
Five-Eighth 6. T Wallis 6. Stephen Lynch
Halfback 7. Claude McFadyen 7. Albert Conlon
Lock 8. Ed Courtney 8. Vic Harris
Second Row 9. Ted Bellamy 9. Peter Moir (c)
Second Row 10. Albert Burdus 10. Sid Pert
Front Row 11. Ted Mead 11. J Ryan
Hooker 12. William Elliott 12. Mick Sullivan
Front Row 13. R Ellis 13. Ted Swinson

Note: Forward packs are listed in reverse order.

Match Notes

The Sydney Mail report of this match mentions Western Suburbs' goal kicks being taken by "Greenfield". I am assuming this was a miscommunication and have credited the goal to Harry Bloomfield. Albert Conlon's (Glebe) goal in the second half was from a mark.

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