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Round 1

Western Suburbs Magpies 10 def. Newtown Jets 3

Match URL
Saturday, April 24th, 1909
Kick Off
2:00 PM (local time)
Edward Hooper
Royal Agricultural Society Showground (Sydney)
  Western Suburbs Magpies Newtown Jets
  10 3

Match Stats

Halftime Score 0 3

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Claude McFadyen   C Meredith
    T Wallis    
Goals   R Ellis (2)    


Fullback 1. Percy Franks 1. W Kennedy
Wing 2. Albert Halling 2. Jack Scott
Centre 3. Claude McFadyen 3. E Williams
Centre 4. Harry Bloomfield 4. Edward Burdett
Wing 5. J Spears 5. C Meredith
Five-Eighth 6. T Wallis 6. H Lee
Halfback 7. Ray Gormley 7. C Manton
Lock 8. Ted Mead 8. W Crompton
Second Row 9. R Meredith 9. Thomas McIntosh (c)
Second Row 10. Tom Phelan (c) 10. H Hocking
Front Row 11. F Casey 11. W Wright
Hooker 12. William Elliott 12. W Murray
Front Row 13. R Ellis 13. J Chevall

Note: Forward packs are listed in reverse order.

Match Notes

Shortly after half-time, Harry Bloomfield received a kick to the face. Later in the half, R Meredith of Wests broke his leg in the act of kicking at the ball at the same time as an opposing forward.

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Contributions: Rugby League Tables, Andrew Ferguson, Greg Fiveash


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