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Round 3

Balmain Tigers 13 drew with Newtown Jets 13

Match URL
Saturday, May 16th, 1908
Kick Off
3:15 PM (local time)
George Seabrook
Birchgrove Oval (Sydney)
  Balmain Tigers Newtown Jets
  13 13

Match Stats

Halftime Score 8 7

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Joe Apoloney   Bill Noble
    Alf Dobbs   Jack Scott
    Robert Graves    
Penalty Tries       B Andrews
Goals   Alf Latta (2)   Frank Cheadle (1)
        E Hurford (1)


Fullback 1. Joe Regent 1. E Hurford
Wing 2. George Wilcox 2. Jack Scott
Centre 3. A Walker 3. P McCormack
Centre 4. Alf Latta 4. B Andrews
Wing 5. Martin Laidlaw 5. Frank Cheadle
Five-Eighth 6. Tommy O'Donnell 6. E Taylor
Halfback 7. A Bryant 7. C Manton
Lock 8. Robert Graves (c) 8. Chris Powell
Second Row 9. Alf Dobbs 9. Bill Noble
Second Row 10. Ted McFadden 10. T Smith
Front Row 11. W Fisher 11. William Catt
Hooker 12. A Ward 12. Harry Hamill (c)
Front Row 13. Joe Apoloney 13. Thomas McIntosh
Coach   Robert Graves    

Note: Forward packs are listed in reverse order.

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